Access to affordable Medication is a must.

No drug is effective if a patient cannot afford. We all probably know someone that could not afford medicines. It is Exela’s goal to find ways to make medicines affordable. Exela participates in that process by bringing to market FDA approved generic equivalents of patented medicines years before patents expire by challenging weak patents of branded medicines sold at very high prices. Though it is a lengthy and expensive legal process, Exela has successfully brought to market several products (e.g., Nicardipine Injection, Argatroban Injection, Paricalcitol Injection), thereby saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars to this date.

In addition, from choosing the location of our facility in western North Carolina, to our lean manufacturing processes, Exela works diligently to keep our costs down so that we can provide cost efficient alternatives that help lower overall healthcare costs.

This is what we strive for every day.